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Last updated on May 13th, 2024 at 07:49 pm

9 Reasons to Get Excited About Gas Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces have become more popular over the past few decades, and it’s no wonder why. As this fireplace style has evolved, it has come to show some distinct financial, environmental, and safety-related advantages over wood-burning fireplaces and stoves.

While some homeowners stand by the classic ambiance of burning wood, you should definitely consider these reasons to choose a gas fireplace:

1. Gas Fireplaces Provide Consistent heat.

While wood fireplaces sometimes produce different amounts of heat from moment to moment, a gas fireplace can keep the heat constant. It’s easier to control the temperature of the room when your fireplace is powered by gas. The fireplace can be synced with a thermostat to maintain for optimum comfort; the unit will turn on and off automatically.

2. Minimal fireplace maintenance.

Gas fireplaces do not produce ashes or creosote byproducts that need to be cleaned up. While it’s still a good idea to invest in annual fireplace maintenance and have your chimney swept, there’s a lot less mess overall with gas fireplaces than wood.

3. Gas Fireplaces are Easy to Operate.

A gas fireplace can be turned on and off with little more than the flip of a switch, or remote control. That’s a lot easier than hauling in wood to manually start a fire or reaching in with a fireplace poker and spreading ashes to smother the flames.

4. Control Your Fireplace Remotely.

Wouldn’t you love to turn up the flames from the comfort of your couch? Most gas fireplaces come with easy-to-use remote controls, much like a TV.

5. Safety for Kids and Pets.

Gas fireplaces are relatively safe for children and pets who might not know how to keep themselves safe. You have a lot of control over the fire, and there are no flyaway sparks.

6. No Wood Required.

With a gas fireplace, no one needs to chop or buy firewood, let alone maintain a ready supply of firewood that has been drying out for months. That’s one less step for you to worry about!

7. More Circulation of Warmth.

Many gas fireplaces come with the option of a built-in blower that allows you to circulate warm air throughout your home. That means your family can enjoy the warmth without having to stay right next to the unit.

8. Gas Fireplaces Offer Less Expensive Installation.

Gas fireplace installation is typically less expensive than installing the equivalent-sized wood fireplace. If installation costs are a factor in your fireplace purchasing decision, it’s worth taking a second look at this fireplace style.

9. Lower Environmental Impact.

Gas fireplaces have a fairly low environmental impact. You do not have to burn wood, release fumes into the air, or use as much energy as you would with another fireplace type.

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