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Four Day Fireplace

3923 88th St. NE Suite A

Marysville, WA 98270

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About Us

It takes only one bad contractor to cause serious delays, unforeseen expenses, and safety hazards. This leaves you with an unfinished, or even worse, an unsafe project in your home for a long period time.​

With a lot of planning, while creating the perfect team, according to our customers they cannot believe how simple we have made their fireplace projects. 

  • "Entire projects, from design to completion, finished in weeks not months." 

  • "Professional, knowledgeable staff and excellent communication through out the entire process."

  • "Huge showroom with more selection than anywhere we found in the area"

  • "Everything we needed to design our fireplace in one location"

As excited as we are for our happy customers, our mission is never over. We continue to find new ways to exceed our customers' expectations.

Why Four Day Fireplace stands out among competitors

After selling fireplaces for many years, the founder saw how many customers struggled with fireplace replacement projects.

Traditional fireplace stores sell you a fireplace, might install it, and at very best refer a contractor to help with the rest. Meanwhile you have to hire, manage and coordinate, 

  • designers,

  • framers,

  • gas piper

  • electricians,

  • tile or stone masons,

  • and finish carpenters. 

We make it Affordable

It doesn't take a heart surgeon to know how we save you thousands. Combine 30 years of experience with eliminating outdated showrooms and we are able to PASS THE labor and overhead savings on to you.

We make it Convenient

We bring the showroom to you. We bring everything you need to make an educated decision. Your consultant will handle the entire project from beginning to end.

We complete from A-Z

Using the BEST materials, experienced technicians and American Made fireplaces. We are the ONLY fireplace dealer who handles your entire project. We strive to exceed your expectations, not just meet them.

Our Team

Paul Tarailo, President

My father introduced to me to the fireplace industry at a young age. I started installing for his business in my early teens. After a work related injury I went into fireplace sales and then project management. Looking to expand my horizons, I left the industry to start an app company that was aimed at improving customer experiences for small business patrons. Shortly after this business sold, I found myself excited to use what I learned from the tech industry to create a better fireplace store. Out of that, Four Day Fireplace was born. I believe with constant improvement and listening to our customers, we will continue to set a new standard for fireplace customers.

Ryan Parnell, CFO

Paul and I met in grade school and have been close friends ever since. We have always made a great team, as I am great at handling the finance and legal side of a business and Paul has always had a strong understanding of customer's needs. In 2012 we started a successful app that worked to connect small businesses owners with their customers. After we both decided that we needed more time with our young families, we started a small business of our own. Learning the hearth business has been exciting to say the least, but working with such a great team has made it easy an transition.

Eric Shaw, Project Manager 

I was Paul and Ryan's first hire at their tech company. During my first interview I explained that I am NOT a sales person. I am a net-worker and a problem solver. My passion is meeting people any way I can, then using my resources to help people solve problems. At an early age I learned that sales is not about trying to sell someone on something they don't need, it is about getting to know people, understanding their needs, then finding the best solutions with the resources I have available. Yes this made sense managing our tech business, but when it came to the fireplace industry, it was clear this type of service was seriously needed in the industry. Now I spend my days working with clients to make sure we are providing exactly the service they need with the budget and time they have given us to do so. 

David Callaway, New Construction Adviser

My passion is writing, poetry, and reading some of the best literary arts of work ever produced. Paul and I met in kindergarten and grew up 3 blocks from each other. Our first memory was taking Taekwondo together at the Everett YMCA. When Four Day Fireplace opened, Paul invited me to join the team. I know Paul well and I knew that my organizational skills and technical knowledge would add a lot of value to the team. After getting to know fireplaces and the industry I decided to put my skills to use assisting contractors. I have learned how important communication, attention to detail and product knowledge is to our contractor clients. We know that often they problems that they have to deal with daily. My job is to ensure that fireplaces are not one those problems.

Chris Cameron, Remodel Foreman/ Field Manager

Paul and I have been like family from the day we met in 1996. We worked together at a few of our very first jobs in our teens and found ourselves inseparable through out most of our lives. I have 5 children who are the light of my eye. Always working to give them the best life possible, I found myself employed in several trades. Trades like framing, stone/ tile work, and construction taught me that no one ever knows everything about their trade. I wake every day excited to learn something new and overcome challenges. Paul and I started Four Day with nothing more than a truck, a trailer, some basic tools, and a lot of heart. Today we have an awesome team of family that has made Four Day the best fireplace store around. If you can think it, we can build it.

Jad Dickson, Fireplace & Gas Piping Lead 

In high school I was determined to become a culinary professional. I joined a baking course that taught me to have an attention to detail and always enjoy what I was doing. I even won a few awards for my cake decorating skills. There wasn't a lot of money in cakes, I went to work for my family's cement business. The tough jobs and long hours gave me a respect for work ethic and management skills. After too many long days away from family, I began looking for a new career. Chris introduced me Paul and they taught me how to work with fireplaces while giving our customers the best experience possible. Within a year I was the lead of my own truck, striving to train my assistants the same values and attention to detail Chris had taught me. 

Ryan Gauf, Service Technician

I fix any problems that come up with your fireplace. My experience working on helicopters in the Army enables me to fine tune new fireplaces and find creative ways to repair old ones. 

Joe McNiel, Asst Fireplace & Gas Pipe Installer

Im the one who actually does all of the work but that is because I always do what Jad tells me to. 

Scott Harper, Problem Solver

My job starts when no one else is able to come up with a solution. I have several years of HVAC installation and repair, gas piping, fireplace installation, and sheet metal fabrication. I also know my way around both residential and commercial job sites giving me the ability to make contractors live easier.