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Last updated on April 10th, 2024 at 06:13 pm

Living Room Fireplace

There’s nothing like a crackling fire to make you feel at home. Many homebuyers are disappointed when they end up in homes that lack a fire feature. Fortunately, you may be able to add a new fireplace even if your home was originally built without one.

First, though, you will need to answer a few questions about your home, situation, and design preferences.

Can You Build a Fireplace in Your Living Room?

Whether you can build a fireplace, and what kind of fireplace you can build, may depend on the kind of home you have and local interpretations of building codes. Some building codes may restrict chimney heights, limit fireplace emissions, require minimum clearances around vent pipes, or have regulations related to firebox and flue construction — all of which may narrow your options. You will need to check local regulations and building codes before starting construction on a new fireplace.

Similarly, it may not be a good idea to build a wood fireplace if you do not have space to store wood. A gas or electric fireplace will be a better option for your home. Keep in mind that electric fireplaces have come a long way in the past few decades, and some now look very realistic and produce quite a bit of heat.

There are very few situations where it is impossible to add any kind of fireplace to a living room. If nothing else, you can nearly always add an electric fireplace unit to your living space.

What Type of Fireplace Should You Choose?

The best type of fireplace to choose will depend on local building codes, your preferred fuel source, the amount of space you have, and your design preferences.

If you need help choosing a fireplace and live in the Greater Seattle area, contact the Four Day Fireplace team today. We are familiar with a wide variety of fireplace types, brands, and styles and can help you find the best option for your home.

Where Should the Living Room Fireplace Be Placed?

Living Room Fireplace

In most living rooms, the fireplace is in the middle of a wall. There may be matching windows, bookcases, or cabinets on either side. However, there are plenty of other placement options for a living room fireplace.

Some homes have fireplaces between two rooms, such as between the kitchen and living room. These are often double-sided fireplaces, which allow people in both rooms to enjoy the fire. Others have fireplaces in corners, in the middle of rooms, or in other areas of the living room.

What do you do with a fireplace in the middle of the room?

A fireplace in the middle of the room can be used as the focal point of the room. You may want to place large furniture around it, maybe in a half-circle shape so that anyone sitting on the sofa or chairs will be able to see the fire. If you have extra space, you can add a nice chair such as a wingback chair.

A fireplace can also function as a room divider, especially if you have an open floor plan. You can have a sitting area on one side of the fireplace and an eating area on the other, for example. You could also draw attention away from the fireplace if you want by making it its own “nook” with a bench directly in front of it, but in most cases, a fireplace works much better as a design statement that draws the eye.

How Will You Style Your Living Room Fireplace?

Living Room Fireplace

There are many different ways to style a fireplace! You can add a unique mantel and surround that matches your design style, whether that’s an ornately carved mantel, a reclaimed wood shelf, or something completely different. Check out our gallery for inspiration!

Beyond the mantel and surround, it’s also a good idea to think about what kind of accessories you might add. You could hang a mirror over your fireplace, add an entertainment center (if you have a type of fireplace that is safe for nearby electronics), decorate the mantel or shelf with knickknacks or candles, build matching sconces onto the walls, or surround your fireplace with beautiful cabinetry.

How Much Does a Fireplace Remodel Cost?

The cost of remodeling a fireplace can vary quite a bit depending on the kind of fireplace you are adding or redesigning. If you plan to build a whole new chimney or use very high-end materials on a wood-burning fireplace, you can expect to pay much more than you would to add a more standard electric fireplace.

If you live in the Greater Seattle area and are interested in a fireplace makeover, contact the Four Day Fireplace team for a quote on your fireplace project.


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