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Last updated on April 10th, 2024 at 06:16 pm

Have you been considering upgrading your fireplace? If so, you are probably wondering if you should convert that old wood-burning fireplace to a gas fireplace. There are a lot of great reasons why. Here are just a few.

Clean Fuel

Natural gas is a clean-burning fuel. That means no smoke coming into your home, no soot building up in the chimney, and no harmful materials being expelled into the air. It isn’t just cleaner for your home; it’s also cleaner for your environment.

By contrast, wood fires create a lot of smoke and flying embers. These are generally sucked up into the chimney and expelled into the outdoor air, but smoke and embers can come into your home as well.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Your wood-burning fireplace requires a lot of cleaning and maintenance. You’re going to need to clean the area of the fireplace frequently, as loose pieces of wood and bark litter the floor easily. You’ll also need to remove the old ashes and sweep the loose ash and debris from the fireplace area. You also have to hire a chimney sweep to clean the soot and debris from your chimney at least twice per year.

If you switch to a gas fireplace, you won’t have any of this cleaning or maintenance to worry about. Once per year, you can have your gas fireplace and chimney cleaned and inspected and any maintenance performed. Most homeowners find that this limited maintenance is cheaper and less time consuming than a wood fireplace.

Effective Heating

If you want to use your fireplace for heating part of your home, you really should look at a gas fireplace. When you have a traditional fireplace, much of the heat goes up the chimney and into the outside air. But when you have a gas fireplace, there is no need for a flue, and you can direct the heat to come into the home. You can also get a fireplace setup with fans or blowers to push the heat from the fireplace out into the room.

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