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Last updated on May 13th, 2024 at 02:36 am

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Gas fireplaces are a great way to keep your home warm without the hassle of wood. Homeowners love the ease, safety, and efficiency advantages of gas. With the many unique design options available today, you won’t regret choosing this fuel source for your fireplace.

The question is: which gas fireplace should you buy? Here are some of the best gas fireplace models on the market today.


Urbana U44

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The Urbana U44 is a traditional gas fireplace with clean, contemporary aesthetics and a variety of personalization options. You can choose either a standard square or arched configuration to fit your interior style. This unit creates the flame pattern of a wood fire, pairing with either a traditional-looking log set or modern glass media.

With the Urbana U44, you can easily maintain the temperature in your home using either wireless or convenient physical controls. The ignition system is fast, and the battery backup system lets you continue using your fireplace during power outages.


Napoleon Ascent or Altitude X 36

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The Napoleon Ascent™ and Altitude™ X 36 give you a wide range of installation options. These gas fireplaces include both corner and wall centerpieces. 

The Ascent™ offers an exclusive log set and glowing ember bed that provides the flame pattern of a wood fire, plus six decorative trim options. There is also a Napoleon Ascent™ Linear series available as a floor-to-ceiling fire feature in several sizes and heat output levels, with multiple media options like beach, shore, or mineral rocks.

The Altitude™ offers four different log set options and a night light to illuminate the firebox and logs even when the fireplace is off. You can choose between six decorative brick panels and eight decorative trim options.

These Napoleon gas fireplaces come with a built-in safety barrier that doesn’t interrupt the view of the fire and convenient access to high/low temperature controls. They also work with a remote app, which gives you total control over your fireplace from your mobile device.


Majestic Twilight II Indoor-Outdoor

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The Majestic Twilight II Indoor-Outdoor fireplace is a stunning see-through fireplace you can install on any interior or exterior wall. With a rugged design that exceeds both window and gas fireplace standards, you can enjoy it from either side in all seasons.

This sealed fireplace conserves energy and provides an optimal amount of heat for many homes. The direct vent technology removes 100% of the combustion exhaust and fumes from your space, giving you clean indoor air.


Envirofire EX35 Gas Fireplace Insert

The Envirofire EX35 Gas Fireplace Insert is designed to fit into your existing fireplace for a closed, more energy-efficient system. It can heat up to 1,900 square feet with 35,000 BTUs and over 74% efficiency. 

This fireplace features top firebox lighting, adjustable ember bed lighting, and your choice of glass or ceramic embers with an ultra-high definition log set. The clean face look without louvers will fit well into a variety of homes and fireplaces.


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