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Last updated on April 10th, 2024 at 07:11 pm

Adding a gas fireplace to your home can increase its value, as well as adding some level of comfort to your cozy family nights or evenings of entertaining. There are several things that you want to consider when you are choosing the place for your new gas fireplace. Appropriate placement is important for a number of reasons, especially since it is not easy to change your mind after installation.

Unused Space

It is a good idea to plan your gas fireplace in a spot that is not used for anything else. Unused space is common, especially in larger or more open rooms. All you really need is one wall that is empty and unused near the center of the wall. While you can move things around to make room for your new fireplace, make sure that you aren’t sacrificing space that you will one day wish you could use for something else.

Central Location

A central location is best for your gas fireplace if you want to use it to help combat heating bills. Placing your fireplace in an open room near the center of the house will allow the heat from the fireplace to radiate out into the rest of the house. Ceiling fans can help circulate warm air throughout the house. A central location in an open room like the living room is also best for entertaining.

Ease of Installation

It is important to consider how difficult it might be to place the fireplace in your desired area. For example, if you have concrete floors or bricks in that area, it could make it difficult for them to install a gas line to feed the gas fireplace. Once you have a fairly good idea of where you would like your fireplace, have a professional come in and inspect the space to make sure it is feasible.

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