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How long does the fireplace installation process take?

Our streamlined process allows us to finish your fireplace installation within four days. Since we have the expertise to complete every aspect of the process ourselves, you will not experience the delays that often come from coordinating with multiple contractors and vendors.

Are there any tax benefits or incentives for upgrading a more energy-efficient fireplace?

Yes, residents of select counties may be eligible for incentives from the Puget Sound Wood Stove Program. If you live in King, Kitsap, Pierce, or Snohomish County, you can receive $350 for recycling a qualifying older wood stove or fireplace insert. Residents of Snohomish County who are looking to replace an older wood stove or fireplace insert may qualify for a $1500 discount on the purchase and professional installation of new heating equipment.

Do I need to have a chimney before I call Four Day Fireplace?

You may not need a chimney at all, depending on the type of fireplace you are installing. Gas and electric fireplaces do not require chimneys and can be placed anywhere in your home. If you are installing a wood fireplace, please schedule a consultation to learn more about the process.

Will I be able to use my fireplace when the power is out?

You do not need to have power to use a gas or wood-burning fireplace.


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