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Last updated on April 10th, 2024 at 07:12 pm

wood fireplace insert

A wood fireplace insert can be an awesome option if you’re looking to invest in an updated heat source for your home. With plenty of energy-efficient options on the market, inserts are a great alternative to a classic stove or open fireplaces and can save you energy while adding a sleek and functional element to your house.

What Is a Wood Fireplace Insert?

A wood fireplace insert is an energy-efficient wood-burning fire product meant to be installed inside an existing fireplace. Unlike buying a whole new fireplace, installing a wood fireplace insert doesn’t require building a new chimney, which can save you a lot of money on installation.

Wood fireplace inserts are boxes made of either cast iron, steel, or another form of fire-resistant material. They create a leak-free combustion system that traps the heat from the fire’s flames and, in turn, warms your home. Since the whole unit must fit inside an existing fireplace, they typically have much smaller glass fronts than regular fireplaces without inserts.

Can I Put an Insert in My Fireplace?

If you have an original wood-burning fireplace in your home but want the increased efficiency and ease that comes with using a fireplace insert, a professional can install a wood fireplace insert into your pre-existing fireplace without an issue.

Fireplace inserts have been proven to be much more efficient and safe, eliminating many of the stresses that can come with a traditional wood-burning fireplace.

How Much Does a Wood Fireplace Insert Cost?

The cost of adding a wood fireplace insert into your home can be as low as $2,900 for wood-burning features. These prices can often include the cost of installation.

It is good to note, however, that the cost of installation may vary depending on the size of the insert, the location of your home, and the model you decide on.

Are wood fireplace inserts worth it?

Wood fireplaces have many qualities that make them beneficial additions to any home.

Wood fireplace inserts save energy, which can ultimately save you money over time. Because of the absence of a traditional chimney, fireplace inserts allow less hot air to escape, which then allows that hot air to recirculate back into your home.

During the cooler months, it is possible that cool air can escape through chimneys, even if the chimney’s flue is closed. Installing a fireplace insert helps reduce air leaks and can better heat your home all winter long.

If the effectiveness of these inserts isn’t enough proof of their success in a home, the beauty and elegance of their designs just might win you over. The cast iron or steel styles add a modern and sleek element to any home looking for a remodel.

What Makes the Best Wood Fireplace Insert?

The best fireplace inserts should be much more efficient in terms of fuel efficiency than your average masonry fireplace or standard furnace. They should always keep your indoor air as clean as possible. Wood fireplace inserts expel minimal air pollutants outside of your home, producing less greenhouse gases than other systems.

The best wood fireplace insert for your home will also be equipped to heat the amount of space you’re dealing with. The larger the room, the bigger your insert should be. Inserts can produce anywhere from less than 30,000 to more than 80,000 BTUs each hour, so it’s best to measure the square footage of the room with the fireplace and install a unit appropriate for its size.

Fireplace Insert Design Ideas

If you are planning to install a fireplace insert, it may also be a good time to update the design of your fireplace in general. Adding a wood fireplace insert often means you’ll need to replace your mantel or surrounding surfaces. This may be a great opportunity to try out a new mantelpiece or invest in a more modern styled fireplace.

Interested in Installing a New Fireplace Product?

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