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Last updated on January 5th, 2024 at 05:16 pm

electric fireplace designs

So you’re thinking about adding an electric fireplace to your home, and you’re trying to decide how you want it to look. You’re looking for the right inspiration to guide your plans.

Here are some of our favorite fireplace design tips and ideas to get you started.

How Do You Design an Electric Fireplace?

There are so many ways to design your electric fireplace! To start out, you will need to decide where to mount or place your fireplace. You can put your fireplace in the corner, mount it to a wall, or place a freestanding unit anywhere you like.

From there, you can choose a mantel and exterior design. Most homeowners choose a design that matches their building style or existing interior decor. However, you can choose any kind of design to your taste — traditional, contemporary, minimalist, ornate, or something completely different.

You can also decide how to design the area around your fireplace. Maybe you want a TV above your fireplace – that’s easy to do when you have an electric unit! Maybe you want a shelf where you can display your favorite candles, knickknacks, seasonal decor, or art. Or maybe you want to keep a clean, minimalist appearance without any extra details.

5 Electric Fireplace Design Ideas

Here are some beautiful electric fireplace design ideas to get you thinking:

Trendy Shiplap

electric fireplace designs 2

Shiplap has become a popular material in interior designs. While shiplap is not a good choice to use around a typical wood fireplace, it’s perfectly safe around an electric unit.

Clean Minimalist

electric fireplace designs

Electric fireplaces can be installed wherever you want, including in the middle of your wall if you want. Many people who prefer a minimalist approach to interior design and life choose this kind of fireplace design.

Traditional Stone


You don’t have to give up your traditional stone fireplace just because you’re no longer burning wood. You can set up beautiful electric logs in your existing fireplace area.

Classical and Ornate


Level up your living room with a classic mantel design that adds to your refined interior design taste.



Enjoy your fireplace from multiple perspectives with a dual-sided fireplace. Watch the flames from both your living room and kitchen, or from your family room and bedroom.

The most realistic electric fireplaces

Today’s electric fireplaces can create far more realistic flame designs than those of decades past. You can enjoy an Instagram-worthy flame, plus heat without smoke or emissions.

At Four Day Fireplace, we offer an incredibly large selection of electric fireplace models from a variety of manufacturers, including plug-in and battery-powered log sets. Come talk to us for personalized recommendations and to see what your options look like.

We can help with your electric fireplace design

Electric fireplaces are an excellent choice for homeowners looking to avoid emissions and debris, but they also have the advantage of giving you a wide range of design options. You are not limited to locations where you can build a chimney or materials that are safe near an open flame.

Four Day Fireplace is the only fireplace dealer in the Greater Seattle area that is licensed to complete the entire installation process. We can help you choose and implement a design that works well with your home, preferences, and budget. We can take you through the entire fireplace process so you don’t have to manage multiple contractors.

Our experienced technicians can plan, design, and install your new fireplace in four days or less. Contact us if you want to learn more about electric fireplace design options.


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