How do I know how many BTU's will heat my home?

BTU's are only one factor to consider when considering heating area. Other factors such as efficiency, and unit design as well as factors in your home like layout and age all play a role in how well the unit will heat your home. Request an in home estimate and one our trained project managers can narrow down the best options for you

Do I have to come into your showroom before you will come out to my home?

No. We recommend having someone out even before you begin to shop. This allows us to know which units will work best when you come in to the showroom. But feel free to come in to the showroom anytime. We always hope it will spark so inspiration for your project.

How much does the average replacement cost?

There are many variables depending your style of project. For instance a simple gas insert may only cost around $3500 but a complete gas fireplace replacement with new stone and a mantel would cost more. Feel free to reach out to our team, describe your project, and we would happily offer you a ball park price so you can decide if it is worth exploring further.

How long does an install take?

If we are simply install a gas insert, expect about 4 hours. If we are replacing your fireplace and refinishing with tile or stone, expect about 4 days.

How is 4 Day able to finish our project so quickly?

We pride ourselves in clear communication between our customers and team members, we try to plan for any possible problems ahead of time, and we help you make all of the necessary decisions before we start your project to prevent delays. All of these combined with a 

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