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Last updated on January 5th, 2024 at 05:21 pm

fireplace remodels ideas

The hearth is the center of your home, and it’s a great place to show your personal interior design style! There are thousands of different fireplace remodel ideas, mantel designs, surround materials, and color combinations you can choose from to make your fireplace look uniquely yours.

Here are a few ideas for your next fireplace remodel to inspire your creativity.

Shiplap Electric Fireplace Surround

fireplace remodels ideas

Shiplap is a popular material in interior designs right now, and we see it used for electric fireplace surrounds a lot. It creates a comfortable, down-to-earth farmhouse vibe. Keep in mind that this material is generally not safe to use around a gas or wood-burning fireplace.

Marble Fireplace Remodel Ideas

fireplace remodels ideas

Don’t want an overly casual living room? There’s nothing like marble to level up your space! Marble is an eye-catching material that can make for an impressive fireplace surround.

Contrasting Materials, Colors, and Shapes

fireplace remodels ideas

Unique material or color combinations and modern shapes can make for a stunning fireplace unlike anyone else’s. Your fireplace remodel is a great time to show your artistic vision.

White Paint

fireplace remodels

White-washed fireplaces are very popular in design magazine right now. Painting over a fireplace is one of the simplest remodels you can do, although once you’ve done it, it’s nearly impossible to go back to the former natural brick look.

Colorful Paint

fireplace remodels

Just because everyone else is painting their fireplace white doesn’t mean you have to! Embrace your favorite color and unique sense of style.

Stone Facade

fireplace remodels

Stone facades are classic and still look stylish in our current decade. Whether you use natural stone or manufactured stone, you can build a mantle that feels comfortable, beautiful, and truly timeless.

Floor-to-Ceiling Stacked Tile

fireplace remodels

Manufactured stone or tilework can be a beautiful, natural-looking material to use around your fireplace. You can choose a classic tile or something more creative — whatever fits your style.

No Hearth 

fireplace remodels

At Four Day Fireplace, we are seeing many requests for designs with either no hearth (the bottom of a traditional fireplace) or a tile that is flush with the ground. This style can be a good choice if you are using your fireplace primarily for decoration and not for burning wood logs.

Black Panels in the Back

fireplace remodels

Reflective black or matte black panels are a very popular choice for the back of the fireplace right now.

Dual-Sided Fireplace Remodel Ideas

fireplace remodels

Do you have a complete or partial wall between two important rooms in your home, such as the living room and kitchen? A dual-sided fireplace design lets you enjoy the flames from both rooms. It also reduces the amount of fireplace heat you lose through exterior walls.

Linear Fireplace Remodel Ideas

fireplace remodels

Linear fireplaces are a great choice for minimalist living rooms and “impact walls”. We often see this style used with electric or gas fireplaces.

Clean Lines and a Small Frame

fireplace remodels

These days, most of our customers are leaning towards clean lines and smaller frames on their fireplace units. Oversized metal trims are not popular.

Classic Embellishments

fireplace remodels

You don’t have to go minimalist in your fireplace design. Plenty of people still love ornate and antique details on fireplace mantels! This kind of design works best in homes with classic or transitional interior designs.

Custom Mantel Shelf

fireplace remodels

A custom shelf above your fireplace is both a functional and beautiful. It’s a great way to draw attention to your fireplace! You can choose whatever shelf design you like and create something you absolutely love.

Floating Mantel 

fireplace remodels

Floating mantels look like shelves and fit well into more minimalist designs. If you have an electric fireplace, you can even mount a floating TV above your fireplace.

Reclaimed Wood Mantel

fireplace remodels

Reclaimed wood is beautiful and environmentally friendly. While the idea of reclaimed wood has been around for centuries, top architects and interior designers have made it more popular than ever in recent years. It’s a great choice for your fireplace mantel.

Rustic Log Mantel

fireplace remodels

A log mantel like this one can make a room feel warm and cozy. Logs are a great way to make your space feel rustic.

fireplace remodelsCabinets on Either Side

A pair of cabinets can make for more of a statement wall than just the fireplace itself. Besides, most of us feel like we can never have enough storage space! A fireplace remodel is a great time to add additional shelving, bookshelves, furniture with hidden storage, or cabinets to your living space.

Framed TV

fireplace remodels

Your television can become a cohesive part of your interior design if you give it a custom frame. With a beautiful frame, your TV looks almost like a piece of art instead of another clunky electronic item.

Stacked Wood Storage

fireplace remodels

Fireplace wood makes for a beautiful display! Why not incorporate it into your design?

Outdoor Wall Fireplace Remodel Ideas

fireplace remodels

Who said your fireplace had to be in your living room? Your family and friends will love enjoying a cozy fire when you’re hanging out on the patio, too.

Outdoor Freestanding Fireplace Remodel Ideas

fireplace remodels

A fireplace doesn’t always have to be attached to a wall! A freestanding fireplace can be a magnificent addition to your outdoor space that all your neighbors will envy.

We Can Help With Your Fireplace Remodel Ideas

Feeling overwhelmed? Need help choosing the perfect style, mantel material, or color? The Four Day Fireplace team can help.

Four Day Fireplace is the only fireplace dealer in the Greater Seattle area that is licensed to complete the entire installation process. We can help you choose and implement a design that works well with your home, preferences, and budget. We will take you through the entire fireplace process so you don’t have to manage multiple contractors.

Our experienced technicians can plan, design, and install a high-quality fireplace in four days or less, which our customers love! Contact us if you want to learn more about your fireplace design options.


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