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Last updated on April 10th, 2024 at 07:14 pm

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Ready to remodel your fireplace? We’ve put together a guide for homeowners in the Pacific Northwest who are looking to plan their remodel project, consider their design options, and find a great professional fireplace remodeler.

We answer some of the most common questions about fireplace remodeling in the PNW below.

Can My Fireplace Be Remodeled?

Most fireplaces can be remodeled in some way. However, in some cases you may be better off replacing your fireplace and starting from scratch, especially if your fireplace needs significant repairs or you wish to change fuel sources.

You generally cannot switch from gas or electric to wood-burning. Gas and electric appliances have more holes in them for their extra components, and these holes can cause weak points in the metal box. Wood produces too much heat for those weak points. You would have to tear out the existing unit and replace it with a new wood burning one – a much larger project than a regular fireplace remodel.

To find out what options will work best with your fireplace, reach out to your local fireplace remodeler.

How Can I Change the Look of My Fireplace?

There are so many great ways to change the look of your fireplace! You can add a new mantel, paint over the brick, add a classic or contemporary surround, and so much more. Check out our recent blog post about redesigning your fireplace.

Current fireplace remodeling trends in the PNW

These are some of the top trends we’re seeing for PNW fireplace remodels:

  • Shiplap. Shiplap has become a popular material in interior designs, including as an electric fireplace surround. Please note that this material is generally not safe to use around a wood-burning fireplace.
  • Linear designs. Linear fireplaces are perfect for a minimalist “impact wall”. We often see this style used with gas and electric fireplaces.
  • Floor-to-ceiling stacked stone or tile. Stone can work with any kind of fireplace, including wood-burning fireplaces. Manufactured stone can be a beautiful, natural-looking material to use around your fireplace.
  • Dual-sided fireplaces. Do you have a partial or complete wall between two major rooms, such as the living room and kitchen? A dual-sided fireplace design allows you to enjoy the flames from both rooms and also reduce the amount of fireplace heat lost through exterior walls.
  • Floating mantels. These can look like shelves and can be with or without a TV mounted above the fireplace. Keep in mind that it is not safe to mount a TV above a wood fireplace – this works best with electric units.
  • No hearth. We are seeing many requests for designs with either no hearth (the bottom of a traditional fireplace) or a tile that is flush with the ground.
  • Traditional/square fireplace designs. A linear fireplace is not the only stylish option. Traditional designs are still popular – it all depends on the individual customer.
  • Clean lines. Most customers are leaning towards clean lines and smaller framed units. Oversized metal trims are not popular.
  • Black panels in the back. Many customers are choosing reflective black or matte black panels for the back of their fireplace.
  • Oak logs. The most common choice for logs is a type of oak.
  • Cabinets on either side of the fireplace. A pair of cabinets can make for more of a statement wall than just the fireplace itself.

Styles that are on the out include river rock, brass finishing around the fireplace, and the pink-ish tile that was most popular in the 80s and 90s.

How Do You Do a Fireplace Remodel On a Budget?

If you have a limited budget for your fireplace remodel, you may want to focus on surface-level changes, such as a fresh coat of paint. Check out our recent article on the cost of different types of fireplace remodels for more info.

How Long Does a Fireplace Remodel Take?

Fireplace remodels can take a short or long amount of time depending on who you hire to do the job. If you hire, manage, and coordinate separate designers, framers, gas pipers or electricians, tile or stonemasons, and finish carpenters, your remodel project could take many weeks to complete, especially if one contractor has a delay.

At Four Day Fireplace, we can complete fireplace remodels from project inception and design to completion in four days or less. With over three decades of industry experience, we’ve hired the perfect team to work on each aspect of your project and know how to work efficiently.

PNW Fireplace Remodelers

fireplace remodel
  • Four Day Fireplace is a fireplace dealer specializing in installation and design, including remodeling. This company is based in Marysville, WA, and serves clients throughout the Puget Sound region. Four Day is known for completing fireplace projects from inception and design to completion in four days or less.
  • American Chimney & Masonry services clients in the Portland area who want to reface or update their fireplace. This company can do anything from adding a new mantel and spark spring to reimagining a fireplace with new brickwork, tilework, stonework, or concrete.
  • Cornerstone can help homeowners in the Spokane area with fireplace installations, fabrications, and more. This company works with marble, granite, stone, porcelain, rock, cultured rock, and other masonry materials.
  • The Finisher is an artist, master craftsman, and general contractor based in Bend, Oregon. This company does everything from high-end renovations to lower-cost but highly visible custom changes, including fireplace work.

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