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gas fireplace repair

The moment you realize that your fireplace isn’t working can be frustrating and even scary. With the coldest months quickly approaching, you want to make sure your gas fireplace is repaired as soon as possible.

Knowing when your fireplace needs a tune up and what needs to happen during the process can help you save time and money. If a DIY fix isn’t enough to repair your fireplace and you need help identifying the problem, a trusted fireplace contractor such as Four Day Fireplace can help.

Why Did My Gas Fireplace Stop Working?

Although gas fireplaces are known to be pretty reliable, every once in a while they run into issues. Knowing how to troubleshoot the problem can help you get your gas fireplace repaired quickly and efficiently.

Below are some of the most common reasons why gas fireplaces stop working, when to try a DIY fix at home, and when it is necessary to call a fireplace service professional.

Old Batteries

Some gas fireplaces use battery power to start the pilot light. To find out if your fireplace is struggling to ignite because of a battery issue, test the batteries on your fireplace’s remote or receiver. You may just need to replace them in order to get your fireplace back up and running.

Closed Gas Valves

Look in your firebox to see if the gas valve is open and set in the “on” position. This is the valve that allows gas to fill your fireplace when you are using it and keeps gas out of your home when you aren’t. If this valve is closed, your fireplace will not create hot air.

Blown Out Pilot Light

If an interruption of gas to your fireplace blows out the pilot light, your fireplace won’t heat your home. To relight your pilot light, make sure you carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions and home manual to do a DIY fix. You should also check to make sure the orifices are clean and free of debris, as this can affect your pilot light as well.

Propane Tank & Natural Gas Line Problems

If your gas fireplace relies on propane, check on your propane tank to make sure the knob on top is secured in the “on” position. This will ensure that your propane tank has the ability to deliver gas to your furnace. If the tank is on but there is no gas flowing, call your propane supplier.

Thermocouple and Thermopile Issues

You may be wondering what thermocouples and thermopiles are, but don’t worry, they aren’t as technical as they sound.

A thermocouple is a little metal probe that controls the gas valve to your fireplace, which checks the temperature of the surrounding area and probes the gas to ignite if necessary. To make sure your thermocouple is in good working order, look to see if it is screwed in tightly and positioned correctly.

A thermopile is similar to a thermocouple, as it is also a temperature sensor. However, it is connected to the electrical voltage rather than the gas.

If you suspect something is wrong with your thermopile or thermocouple, make sure to call a professional to come and help.

Thermostat Problems

If your thermostat is set lower than the actual temperature of the room, then your gas fireplace won’t know when to turn on. Check your thermostat settings and try adjusting your thermostat to a higher temperature to see if your gas fireplace starts roaring.

If none of these DIY fixes solve your fireplace problem, it’s time to call a professional. You can Contact Four Day Fireplace for gas fireplace service in the Puget Sound region.

How Much Does it Cost for a Gas Fireplace Repair?

gas fireplace repair

The cost of doing a gas fireplace repair can vary greatly depending on where you live and what the problem is. In most cases, you can assume that repairing your gas unit will cost you anywhere between $175 and $916.

If you need your pilot light fixed, most professionals will complete the repair for about $150, on average.

When replacing a thermocouple or thermopile with the help of a professional, you can expect to pay between $150 and $250.

Preventing Gas Fireplace Repair Needs Before They Happen

You can often prevent your gas fireplace from developing problems that require significant repairs just by keeping up with regular maintenance. By spending a little time and money now, you can prevent much larger expenses later.

What maintenance is needed for a gas fireplace?

Gas fireplaces should be inspected by a professional every year as part of your regular maintenance plan. A professional can help you identify any components that may be wearing out before they break down or turn into serious safety hazards.

How often should a gas fireplace be serviced?

Gas fireplaces should generally be serviced once a year as part of your regular maintenance plan, as well as anytime there are problems that require professional assistance. Even fireplaces that are rarely used should be inspected at least once every three years so you can avoid potential safety hazards.

What to Look For When Choosing a Gas Fireplace Service and Repair Company

When looking to get your gas fireplace serviced or repaired, you ideally want to use a company you know you can trust. It takes only one unreliable contractor to cause long delays, unforeseen expenses, and scary safety hazards.

A trustworthy fireplace shop should be able to give you a quote before they start working on your unit. That way, you can avoid being stuck paying high prices for simple jobs.

One of the best fireplace companies in the Puget Sound region is Four Day Fireplace. For over 30 years, we have been supplying our happy customers with top-of-the-line service, repairs, and installations. If you’re looking to get your gas fireplace repaired or serviced, look no further.

Contact us today and get a free quote on your fireplace concern. You won’t be disappointed!


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