A mantel is the frame for your fireplace. It adds visual interest and elegance, making a fireplace the centerpiece of a room. The structure around a fireplace is provided by the mantel, and the design may range from simple to highly ornate. Mantels also serve a functional purpose for wood-burning fireplaces by stopping smoke before it’s released into your home. 


There are an assortment of materials in which a mantel may be constructed. Wood is the most traditional and long-standing option. Wood mantels are typically made from cedar, cherry, oak, and other varieties of hardwood. Man-made wood is a more affordable alternative to genuine wood and can provide a similar, rustic look. Metal, marble, stone, and brick are other popular choices of material for in-home fireplace mantels.  


Mantels today may have sleek, minimalistic designs for homes with modern decor, or you may select a mantel with several ornamental features and intricate detailing. Mantels can be chosen to suit the style of your home for a cohesive look. Different mantel designs may also be selected for different types of fireplaces. While a traditional wood-burning fireplace may pair seamlessly with a classic, vintage-style mantelpiece, an advanced electric fireplace may be better suited to a simple black mantel. 


Fireplace mantels vary in thickness. The thickness that you need mainly depends on the size of the fireplace and the space around it. The mantel that you have installed must fit within the allotted clearance for your fireplace opening. Typically, mantels are positioned about a foot over the fireplace opening in a wall. However, this measurement may be higher or lower in different homes.


Choosing a mantel is essential in the process of installing a fireplace for your home. provides several top-notch mantel options, with varying designs to fit the needs of different homeowners.

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