Pellet Fireplaces

Stoves and inserts that burn pellets instead of wood are a convenient, clean-burning option for your home. This type of appliance is praised for its environmental efficiency and convenient operation. Many consumers today can benefit from owning a pellet-burning appliance. 


Pellets are a source of fuel mainly used for stoves. A pellet is a small lump of sawdust that’s compressed at 20,000 pounds per square inch. Pellets are sold in 40-pound bags, which provides numerous benefits. For one, pellets are cost efficient and can save homeowners money when compared to the cost of fuel oil or propane. Secondly, pellets are minute and therefore far easier to transport than firewood.


Pellet-burning stoves and inserts are an environmentally-friendly fuel option. Pellets are a renewable fuel source, and the heating efficiency of a pellet stove is far higher than a traditional wood-burning stove. With fewer emissions resulting from pellet burning, this variety of home heating appliance is encouraged by the U.S. Department of Energy. 


The heat given off by a pellet-burning appliance can be controlled by a thermostat. As a homeowner, you’ll love that you can adjust the heat settings to fit your needs. Plus, this ensures that your home stays at the ideal temperature, preventing overheating and higher energy bills. 


Pellet-burning appliances are typically less expensive to install than wood-burning heaters, given that an advanced chimney or flue is generally not necessary. So whether you live in a house, condo, or apartment, a pellet-burning stove or insert is a viable heating option. 


Pellet-burning stoves are convenient to operate, which will save you time and energy. Pellets usually only need to be added to the appliance once daily, depending on your heating needs, and refilling the pellets is a simple process. Plus, given the efficiency of pellet burning, you’ll rarely have to clean ash and debris from the stove. 

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