When is the Best Time to Get a New Fireplace?

You love the idea of curling up in front of a stylish new fireplace. You can already imagine enjoying a good book and a cup of cocoa in front of a warm fireplace indoors.

You’re ready to make your home improvement dreams a reality, but is now the best time? We’re here to tell you that right now is the perfect time to install a new fireplace.

When to Install a Fireplace

The best time of year to install a new fireplace is in the spring, summer, or fall. That way, your new fireplace will be ready to go when the cold weather arrives. By installing your fireplace before the temperatures dip below freezing, you can avoid the inconvenience of remodeling in the middle of the winter.

Best of all, you get to enjoy your completed fireplace right away!

Why Install a New Fireplace This Year?

Most people love having a beautiful fireplace in their home. Here are a few reasons to consider calling up a fireplace contractor this year:

  1. You’ll enjoy the warmth. No other heating appliance can replicate the cozy comfort that a fire provides.

  2. It will make your home feel dreamy. Nothing feels more romantic than sitting in front of a fireplace with someone you love.

  3. It can be an eco-friendly heating option. Pellet-burning stoves are good for the environment. Modern gas, electric, and even wood-burning stoves are also pretty efficient. Some models make it possible to distribute the heat throughout your home with existing ductwork.

  4. It will increase the value of your home. A beautiful fireplace is always a welcome feature in a home. Updating your old, ugly fireplace to a modern system can not only make your home more enjoyable, but raise its value and make it more appealing to future buyers.

Our Favorite Fireplace Styles for a Cozy Fall Vibe

At Four Day Fireplace, we offer a wide variety of fireplace styles for every home. Take a look at some of our favorites!

Marquis II Series Gas Fireplace

This gas fireplace gives you an expansive view of the flames as they wrap around split logs. With an authentic masonry appearance and accent lighting, this fireplace would make a beautiful centerpiece for your living room.

Montana Wood Outdoor Fireplace

The Montana is the original outdoor fireplace, fashionably built and able to withstand adverse weather conditions. With a wood-burning Montana fireplace, you will get solid performance year after year.

Barcelona Lights Customizable Linear Fireplace

With this brand, you can customize your fireplace with single-sided or see-through installation as well as a facade of your choice. Regardless of how you use this fireplace, you’re sure to enjoy the eye-catching sight of flames dancing on a bed of beautiful crushed glass, complete with adjustable LED lights.

Georgian Wood Fireplace

This impressive wood-burning fireplace is designed for large living spaces. With real firebrick walls available in warm red or ivory, the masonry will give your home an upscale feel.

Eco Pellet Stove

This freestanding stove uses an economical and renewable energy source to provide zone heating furnace performance and reliable, thermostat-controlled warmth. The heating efficiency of a pellet stove is far higher than a traditional wood-burning stove.

Capella Series Electric Fireplace

With a Capella electric fireplace, you can achieve the ambiance of a fire without breaking the bank. Enjoy soothing images of a split oak log set, a glowing bed of embers, and a smoked-brick interior.

Hamptons Patioflame Table Series

This stylish outdoor fireplace lets you gather around and relax in front of the beautiful dancing flames, perfect for entertaining. The safe and fuel-efficient design allows you to set your drinks down and converse in comfort.

Explore our online showroom to see more wood, gas, electric, pellet, and outdoor fireplace installation options you’ll love!

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