Gas Fireplace Service & Repair

Does your fireplace need to be serviced?

>Does your glass have a white or black residue on it?

>Is the emergency shut off easily located?

>Do you ever smell an odd odor when the fire is on?

>Do you notice any black residue around the vent cap?

>Are there any active recalls on your fireplace?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, please call us TODAY. Your safety is our first concern.

Regular Price Only $189

Many technicians "know" what is wrong without ever even seeing your fireplace, then charge you to replace a part, only to find out that another part is actually bad. This process wastes your time and sticks you with repair bills much higher than you had expected.

Our technicians are factory trained to provide you with professional service in a timely and cost effective fashion. We asses our customer's individual situation by only charging for an annual cleaning & safety inspection. When complete, you will receive a full 24 point report of the condition of your fireplace, a safety checklist including any potential factory recalls, a clean fireplace, and a solid quote for any needed parts and repairs. This way you can make an educated decision without any surprise bills or wasted time. 

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