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Last updated on April 10th, 2024 at 08:04 pm

electric fireplace insert

Buying an electric fireplace for your home can feel overwhelming. There are so many options out there, and it’s often hard to know what will work well in your home. With our buyer’s guide, you can learn everything you need to know so you can choose an electric fireplace that’s perfect for you and your space.

What Are Electric Fireplace Inserts?

Electric fireplace inserts are add-ons to preexisting fireplaces that allow you to make a wood or gas-burning fireplace into an electrical one. Unlike gas or wood-burning fireplaces, electric inserts limit the amount of heat that can escape from your unit, which reduces drafts in your space and improves overall energy efficiency.

Types of Electric Fireplace Inserts

There are a few types of popular electric fireplace inserts that you may want to consider for your home:

  • Electric log sets require the least amount of work when it comes to installation. These inserts fit inside an existing wood fireplace and create a realistic log fire display. Most of these units will use fan-forced air to create warmth for spaces 400 square feet or less. Despite the log appearance, these inserts don’t require chopping up wood and can be plugged into an outlet in your home. If you want to hide the cord, you may need some additional installation.
  • Plug-in fireplace inserts are quite simple to install. These inserts are most often fully enclosed and square or rectangle in shape. They can be installed just about anywhere with a nearby outlet, including near an interior or exterior wall, in a corner, or in the space between living areas in an open floor plan.
  • Built-in electric fireplace inserts have more permanent fireboxes and always require professional installation. Built-in inserts can be installed into a wall or pre-existing fireplace. From there, they can be either plugged into an existing outlet or hard-wired into an electrical grid.

Are Electric Fireplace Inserts Worth It?

The look of a well-designed electric fireplace isn’t the only thing that catches many buyer’s eyes. Most inserts on the market come with exciting benefits that your wallet will thank you for.

One of the most compelling benefits of an electric insert is the savings on fuel costs and lower energy bills. Electric fireplace inserts use far less fuel than other fire features, so if you’re looking to save money, an electric fireplace insert may be right for you.

Wood-burning open fireplaces come with a lot of responsibilities that you don’t have to worry about with an electric fireplace. Not only does it take time and effort to get the fire going and keep it roaring for hours, but there’s also the hassle of chimney maintenance and upkeep. Wood burning fireplaces require ash removal, regular cleanings, and either purchasing or chopping wood. By contrast, electric fireplaces require virtually nothing more than occasional cleaning, and you have better control over the room temperature.

If you’re concerned with the environment and are looking to reduce your footprint, an electric fireplace insert is a great option. Electric fireplace inserts are more sustainable than other units because they exude less fuel into the air than most other options.

Can You Put an Electric Fireplace Insert in an Existing Fireplace?

The short answer to this question is yes! Many electric fireplace inserts will be able to accommodate your pre-existing fireplace. It is important to remember that there are rules and regulations surrounding fireplace inserts depending on where you live, so make sure to speak with a professional first before making your purchase.

Once you’ve determined that you can put an electric fireplace insert into your existing fireplace, you’ll need to do some research to decide what size insert will work for you. Make sure to measure the width, depth, and height of the inside of your existing fireplace before purchasing an insert for your home.

Do Electric Fireplace Inserts Need Venting?

Unlike most fireplaces, electric fireplace inserts do not emit any dangerous gases. They do not need to be ventilated the same way as gas or wood-burning fireplaces. This means you will not need to install any vents or chimneys.

Are Electric Fireplace Inserts Dangerous?

Electric fireplace inserts are safer than most units on the market. Because they don’t require any ventilation, you won’t have to worry about ingesting any harmful fuels or gasses. Moreover, most electric inserts aren’t hot to the touch, which makes them especially safe if you have children around.

Updated Fireplace Design Ideas for 2023

Corner and Multi-Sided Fireplaces

Corner and Multi-Sided Fireplaces

As open floor plans become more and more popular, many homeowners are opting for corner or multi-sided fireplaces. These units are modern and provide a larger viewing area so you can enjoy the flames from multiple sides. This design can be a great way to break up larger rooms or enjoy a fire from many different angles.

Large Units

Large Units

Grandly styled, commanding fireplaces have started to gain traction in recent years. While most traditional fireplaces are medium-sized and rectangular in shape, you can expect to see larger designs into 2022. Many homeowners with large living rooms or great rooms and an open floor plan are using huge fireplaces as the focal point of their space.

Linear Units

Linear Units

Similar to larger fireplace units, many homeowners are installing fireplaces with more unique shapes and sizes. Long and linear fireplaces are becoming very popular, giving living spaces a more modern and sleek look.

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What Else Do I Need to Know About Electric Fireplace Inserts?

Finding the perfect electric fireplace insert for your home can be easy with Four Day Fireplace. With our assistance, we can help you choose the right fireplace insert for your home in Western Washington.

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