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Last updated on January 5th, 2024 at 05:23 pm

modern fireplace remodel ideas

If you are looking to give your home a design refresh, a fireplace remodel might be a great choice to make. With many different modern fireplace remodel ideas and designs to choose from, a new fireplace adds a fresh element of style and beauty to your home.

Modern ideas range from adding a new mantel to completely redoing the exterior of your fireplace or even changing fuel sources. Some modern upgrades come with a high price, but others are doable with a smaller budget.

Here are five of the most popular ideas for modernizing your fireplace in 2024.

1. Stone Fireplace Surrounds

modern fireplace remodel ideas

The look of a stone fireplace never goes out of style. You can find these timeless surrounds in homes from any time period, with a wide range of design aesthetics. Stone can add rustic charm, with natural textures and earthy tones that complement diverse interior styles ranging from contemporary to traditional.

One of the great things about a stone fireplace is the amount of choices you have for materials. Ledgestone, fieldstone, and manufactured stone are a few of the options you can go with for your remodel.

Ledgestone is a very popular option for stone fireplaces. The distinctive stacked arrangement of flat, horizontal stones creates striking visual appeal and blends seamlessly with various design aesthetics. Ledgestone offers a soft and natural feel to the home and makes for a beautiful gathering place in the center of your living space.

Fieldstone is another popular choice for stone fireplaces, with larger and more irregular stones for their pattern. This is the kind of fireplace you picture in a mountain cabin with snow falling outside. Fieldstone has been used for centuries and creates some of the most beautiful fireplaces. It makes for strong and sturdy surroundings in traditional, farmhouse, and rustic-designed homes.

Manufactured stone creates the same appearance as real stone but costs less. The material is designed to look as realistic as possible, so the end result often feels and looks natural.

2. Metal Modern Fireplace Remodel Ideas

Steel or metal shiplap can create stunning fireplaces. Steel fireplaces offer a sleek, contemporary look with their minimalist design and industrial look. They are incredibly modern and provide a clean, bold statement in any space. The material is incredibly durable, too.

Metal is more versatile as a fireplace surround than you might think. At Four Day Fireplace, we work with Stoll Industries to create custom metal walls. With that customization, your metal surround can perfectly match your design vision. We’ve seen some beautiful fireplaces done with steel and other industrial surrounds. These metals create a sturdy and distinctive fireplace design for years to come.

metal fireplace surrounds

3. Full-height Modern Fireplace Remodel Ideas

full-height modern fireplace remodel ideas

A full-height, linear fireplace offers a smooth exterior appearance without the usual sort of mantelpiece. These fireplace exteriors extend to the full height of the room. A full-height fireplace design can redefine a space, becoming a captivating architectural feature that elevates the visual appeal of a room. Full-height fireplaces can make smaller spaces feel more expansive by drawing the eye upward.

A full-height fireplace remodel can also incorporate some of the other popular design elements we’ve mentioned, using stone, metal, or tile to create your personalized vision.

4. Energy-Efficient Fireplace Upgrades

Energy-efficient modern fireplace ideas

Not all modern fireplace remodels are design-related. Many fireplace remodelers today are looking to increase energy efficiency by adding a fireplace insert, which makes your fireplace more heat efficient.

A fireplace insert is a box placed inside of the existing fireplace that creates a closed combustion or energy system, which traps heat and pushes more of it into your home. In the long run, an upgrade like this could help you save money on your heating.

You may also have the option of changing fuel sources with your insert, like using a gas or electric insert to turn your wood-burning fireplace into a gas or electric fire feature. This can be a more expensive choice, since you may need to add in gas lines or a place to plug in the electric insert. However, it may be worth it if you use your fireplace frequently. Inserts of all kinds, but especially gas and electric ones, will reduce drafts in your space and improve your overall energy efficiency.

5. Painting Your Fireplace

modern fireplace remodel idea

If you want to do a simple and inexpensive upgrade, you may want to consider painting the exterior of your fireplace. White-painted brick is a popular trend right now, so if you have a brick exterior, a new paint color will add a new feel without having to do extra work.

That being said, not all types of fireplace surfaces can be painted. Metal exteriors often get too hot for paint. Even with a masonry wood-burning fireplace, you will have to use special paint that is heat-resistant. You should also consider whether you may regret the paint at a later time; it can be very challenging to remove paint from a fireplace.

What About Financing?

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Modern Fireplace Remodel Ideas With Four Day Fireplace

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