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Last updated on April 10th, 2024 at 08:06 pm

There are three main types of fireplaces—wood burning, gas, and electric. When you want to install a new fireplace in your home, you must choose from one of these types. You want to make sure that you choose the type of fireplace that makes the most sense for you and your family. Here are three factors to consider when making your decision.

Environmental Impact

One of the things you should really consider when choosing a fireplace is your carbon footprint. You want to choose a fireplace that is going to have the least amount of environmental impact. Most wood fireplaces are being phased out, as is evidenced by the state’s change out program. This is because they use unsustainable fuel. A gas fireplace will use some natural gas, which is not a renewable resource but does burn more cleanly. An electric fireplace still has some minimal impact on the environment through energy usage.

Fuel Source

You also want to consider the cost and hassle of the fuel source. A wood fireplace is going to require that you purchase, cut, stack, and transport wood for fuel. A gas fireplace requires that you install a gas line to the location of the fireplace, which can also be costly. For an electric fireplace, you have to install an outlet in the area of the fireplace for it to get power. Choose the fuel source that will cost you the least amount of money and time each month. For many people, that is a gas fireplace.

Installation Cost

Installation cost is another thing to consider when planning to install a fireplace. A wood fireplace is very expensive to install because a chimney must be built as well. A gas fireplace also has a chimney, although it is usually a glass enclosure that is cheaper and more efficient to install. An electric fireplace is the cheapest to install.

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