Wood Fireplaces

Wood is the traditional fire source option for at-home fireplaces. The warm, rustic ambiance that wood-burning fireplaces create in a home is simply unmatched by any other fireplace variety. Wood fireplaces are an excellent and authentic source of heat, leading many modern consumers to opt for wood fireplace installation. 


With a wood-burning fireplace, you have control over the type of wood that you burn. This enables you to have a long-burning or quick-burning fire, depending on your needs. You can also use a fragrant variety of wood to fill your home with an atmospheric aroma. Wood for your fireplace can easily be purchased at your local hardware store, so it’s a cost efficient source of fuel to warm your home. 


It’s impossible to replicate the atmospheric benefit of a wood fireplace in your home. The sound of crackling wood, the smell of the burning wood, and the gorgeous flickering flames are highly desired by numerous homeowners. During the winter, your family can gather around the fire with hot drinks for cozy quality time. During the summer, you can skewer marshmallows and make s’mores with an outdoor wood-burning fireplace. As a time-honored heat source, wood fireplaces provide a look and feel unlike any other fireplace variety. 


There are a handful of security precautions that you must take to safely operate and maintain a wood-burning fireplace. First, only use reliable firewood to burn in your fireplace. Other sources of tinder can release chemical admissions into the air. Additionally, install a chimney cap along with your wood fireplace and build each fire gradually with the damper of the fireplace fully open. These tips will prevent excess smoke, fires becoming too large or unmanageable, and compromised air quality. 

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